Donation of Sanitisable Notebooks Specially Made for Medical Frontliners

Donation of Sanitisable Notebooks Specially Made for Medical Frontliners

Sanitisable Notebooks Specially Made for Medical Frontliners 

World’s first ever sanitisable and washable premier notebook brand, Noteism is giving away 1,000 notebooks to medical frontliners. 

Sanitizable Notebook For Medical Frontliners

KUALA LUMPUR: Since the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm last year, regular sanitising has become a daily routine, yet frustration occurs when the alcohol spray deforms books, papers and even causes smears. This is especially for medical frontliners who need to take note of patients’ condition yet had no choice but to opt for the use-and-throw method to prevent spread of virus. 

The retail price for a normal Noteism notebook costs RM 39.90 but medical frontliners nationwide can now claim a special edition Noteism notebook for free. This special edition features Stone Paper made front and back covers, unlike normal Noteism notebooks with recyclable plastic front and back covers. This makes the notebook more long-lasting hence a perfect companion for medical frontliners. The claim period which starts today is on a first-come first-served basis until all 1,000 units are fully claimed. 

The local company’s latest collection of Noteism A5 notebook series focuses on sustainable material and personal hygiene. Since its open for pre-order at the end of August, Noteism has garnered the attention of thousands with some 6,000 waitlisted to lay hands on the product. With the guarantee of a replacement notebook for free of charge should users experience deforms, warps or foxing, this innovative product uses thicker acid-free 144g stone paper instead of commonly seen thinner 120g Stone Paper. As a result, Noteism notebooks were proven to survive water damage and normal wear-and-tear for up to 10 years. The material is also proven to be smear-proof with the usage of with any fountain pen or gel ink. Unlike traditional paper, the pages are produced tree-free but instead using mostly calcium carbonate, a substance found in rocks, therefore is completely non-toxic and photodegradable. Without cellulose fibers from plants, the paper also comes with a smoother surface compared to most traditional notebooks in the market. Comparisons made between Stone Paper products and traditional paper even suggests that Stone Paper products could potentially reduce the generation of CO2 by 62%, water consumption by 99.2% and wood usage by 100%. 

Aside from that, Noteism notebooks also come with a novel “Ruler Line” design which sees a mere 1 millimetre between each dot on the dotted line interior. This promotes convenience for writing and sketching and makes it possible to replace the need of using a physical ruler during usage, therefore achieving maximum usability. 

With the pledge to sacrifice high profit margin for better product quality, Noteism’s founder Aery Goh is determined that his strong vision and clear mission will bring a new evolution to the market. He also urges the public to put more confidence in local products and support local brands especially during the pandemic. Noteism is here to show that local brands too, can produce world-class products. The brand will soon launch their long-awaited vegan-leather hardcover stone notebooks and erasable pens made with Swiss pen tips. For more product information and claims of notebooks for frontliners, please visit or email us at 

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