NOTEISM™ Philosophy 经营理念

Our Philosophy

Noteism strives for creativity and perfection. We work meticulously with every bit of details of a notebook to create the best notebooks of affordable price for everyone.

Our revolutionary efforts began with the notebook papers. Noteism has carefully gone through thousands of paper materials to identify the one that can withstand a wide range of pen inks, and finally opted for Acid-Free Stone Paper. Acid-free paper can effectively prevent discoloration and can last for over 100 years under normal usage. It is also suitable for writing with fountain pen and gel ink pen for its excellent anti-smear, water absorption and smoothness.

Noteism even stepped up the game further by introducing a fully waterproof A5 notebook for professionals in frequent contact with water, including architect, water conversancy and chefs.

Apart from carefully selected materials, Noteism also strives to achieve maximum usability. We have purposely set distance between dots in each line to 1 mm. We named such series of dots as “Ruler Line”, which will always be a pinch-perfect straight line, be it horizontal or vertical. Such design ensures that writings in any language, notes or sketches would always be well-defined.



Noteism 追求极致和创新,循规蹈矩和盲目跟从是不可原谅的。我们以人人都能负担得起的笔记本目标为荣,并以严格把控细节为乐。

从纸张开始,Noteism就颠覆传统笔记本的概念。Noteism不惜向海外厂商订购了上千种纸,只为了选出可耐受多种笔墨的纸张。多番测试后,决定采用无酸纸(acid free paper)。无酸纸可防止变色,在正常的使用情况下,寿命可以逾百年。无酸纸也拥有不易晕染、优良吸水性、刚好的滑顺感,特别适合钢笔与水性笔。

为了让你随时随地都能安心书写,Noteism 更特别推出了全防水A5笔记本,防水的封面和内页,符合建筑师、水利工程师、厨师等很常接触水的行内人士需求。

除了特别的材质,我们的产品设计也着重于实用性。身为细节控的团队反复测量,将笔记本内页的圆点间距设定为1mm。魔鬼藏在细节里,这1mm 的间距让你无论竖排横排,皆是直线——Noteism笔记本控团队把它称之为「尺线」(Ruler Line)。不论中英文书写、文字笔记或随意涂鸦,都能让你的记录规整。 

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