Note Taking: 5 Occasions When Only A Waterproof Notebook Will Do

Note Taking: 5 Occasions When Only A Waterproof Notebook Will Do

Is a waterproof notebook worth it? Do you need a waterproof notebook? How a waterproof notebook can make note-taking hassle-free? If you are looking for answers to these questions, then this blog post is for you.

Here are the 5 occasions when only a waterproof notebook is the only option. 


Field notebook is used by professionals who work outdoors. From a soldier to a geologist to an agriculturalist or any other similar personnel — all need a notebook to record their observations, notes, and research when they are outside. They may have to deal with different types of weather and wet conditions like rain, snow, etc. — therefore, their notebooks need to be waterproof. 

If you are planning to buy a notebook for a similar purpose, look no further than our vegan leather stonebook. Its stylish cover brings a sense of luxury and elegance. It will enhance the uniqueness of your personality, when you will carry it.

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Fresh thoughts come to your mind whenever you embark on your exciting and relaxing travel adventures. Therefore, a travel notebook is a must-have tool in your travel backpack because it can allow you to quickly jot down your ideas. This is especially important for you if you are from a creative field like music, literature, arts, etc. 

A waterproof notebook would be your best companion because it can make you feel reassured when you are writing near a waterfall or by sea, or surprised by sudden rain. Moreover, you should go with a compact and lightweight notebook that you can easily carry with you wherever you want. 

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Whether you are a professional, an indoor home gardening enthusiast, or a hobbyist — maintaining a gardening journal can enhance your efficiency. It can help you plan and track all your gardening activities, and retain your knowledge from one season to another. 

Gardening can get your hands dirty because you have to till the soil, plant seeds, water plants, weed the garden, etc. Therefore, you need a waterproof notebook for your garden journal so that you can feel free to jot a quick note — knowing that even if your journal gets a little bit dirty, it would be easy to clean up. 


From recipes to to-do lists, and random repairs — you have to keep a lot of things in your mind, whether you are a professional chef or a  working mom. If you forget anything, it may become difficult for you to have an organized, hassle-free, and mess-free day in the kitchen. And that’s where a kitchen/chef notebook comes to your rescue. 

But the kitchen is not a place where you can easily keep your notebook splatter-free and clean. Therefore, you need a waterproof stonebook that will not easily catch kitchen grease, food stains, and spills. 

Our stylish A5 size cahier journal stonebook can take the pride of place in any modern kitchen interior. 

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A fitness workout journal or logbook is considered one of the most important tools in every athlete's gym bag. It helps you reach your goals faster by keeping track of your progress and holding you accountable. It can motivate you to achieve new personal exercise records. 

A simple (non-waterproof) notebook may not be ideal to be used as a fitness/workout logbook because water and sweat can adhere to it and moisturize the surface. Therefore, a waterproof stone book is a must-have tool for you — especially if you are a fitness swimmer and what to bring your notebook to the pool-side.

Our signature, strong and durable A5 double ring stonebook would make a perfect fitness/workout journal. 

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If you want to learn about our waterproof notebooks, read our blog post: stone paper

Please share your experience with the waterproof stonebooks in the comment section. We would love to hear from you! And keep coming back to the Notesism blog for more exciting content.

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