Changing The Game Of The Notebook Industry

“How this local new Malaysian NOTEBOOK brand just shocked the world with their innovative WORLD-CLASS quality notebooks.”

The market of high-end notebooks and stationery has always been dominated by big companies from the US, Europe or Japan. But a Malaysian brand has taken on the close-to-impossible challenge to prove the otherwise. 

So how did Noteism, the small local Malaysian brand outperform the big brands in the world with limited funds and resources? 

| Focusing on unattended problems 

  • In the newest notebook collection, the team has introduced the world’s first-ever 100% waterproof washable & sanitizable notebook. Although personal hygiene has become extremely important the daily life of human beings, no big brand bothers to address this issue. The Noteism team caught this issue sensitively and came out with Stone Notebook fast enough.

| Offering bold guarantees

  • Because the team believes in the quality of their notebooks, they are giving guarantees that the big brands don’t dare to give such as 100% waterproof guarantee. If the notebook deforms or warps after getting wet, Noteism will send a new notebook to the customer. Not only that, as Noteism only use acid-free paper across their notebooks, they even guarantee that all the notebook inner pages will not catch yellow stains or blotches within 10 years. Again they promise to send the customer a brand new notebook if the pages experience foxing issues even after 10 years.

| Choosing premier materials better than the big brands

  • The new product Stone Notebook was born during movement control order. Although the team couldn’t travel overseas, they purchased thousands of material samples by demanding the suppliers all around the world to courier the physical samples to Malaysia. The best material was then scrutinised and selected by undergoing a strict head-to-head comparison with the products of the big brands. Each chosen material must be better than the materials used by the big brands. For instance, Noteism chose thicker acid-free 144g stone paper instead of thinner 120g stone paper which is commonly used due to a cheaper price. In Noteism, sacrificing a better product quality for a higher profit margin is strictly prohibited. 

| Challenging conventional product design

  • Ruled paper or lined paper design has been used for the past 250 years since it was first invented by Englishman John Tetlow back in 1771. It’s widely used in notebooks. When Noteism team took on the challenge to produce the best notebook, we challenged the status quo by questioning how it can be better. So after testing with hundreds of possible designs, the “Ruler Line” design was invented. The distance between dots is purposely set at 1 millimetre making it a possible replacement of a physical ruler during writing, hence eliminating one’s troubles of carrying a physical ruler. This is just an example out of many innovative attempts by Noteism waiting to be revealed to the world. 

| Leverage on contract manufacturing partners serving other big players

  • Inspired by the founder Aery’s devotion to perfection in craftsmanship which was nurtured by 6 years of studying and working in Japan, Noteism sourced all around the world to identify factories which manufacture for the big brands. And finally Noteism chose the best of the bests based on the actual product samples presented to manufacture the final products.

>>> Support the Noteism™ dream

World’s first stone notebook is 100% waterproof, washable and sanitisable is just the beginning. With Aery’s strong vision and clear mission, Noteism is going to release vegan-leather hardcover stone notebooks and erasable pens made with Swiss pen tips in the near future. Join Noteism’s mission to deliver world-class notebooks and stationery designed in Malaysia to the world.

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Pre-order for Malaysians opens on Sep 5, 2021. Only 3,000 limited edition copies are available.

Pre-order starts 5 Sep


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