Featured in Options, The Edge

Featured in Options, The Edge

Local stationery brand Noteism champions innovation with waterproof stone paper and metal-tip pencils

The Stonebook and Penciless are only some of the novel stationery in its range of eco-friendly products.

Aery Goh has always been a fan of stationery. “When I was studying in Japan, I liked to collect premium stationery items.” When he returned to Malaysia, he found a gap in the market, where exclusive stationery was not readily available, and Noteism was born.

“We have some affordable and cheap stationery brands everyone is using, especially in school, but we don’t really have high-end ones. My intention is to introduce a Malaysian premium stationery brand that can enter the overseas market.”

Goh’s two core values for Noteism are innovation and eco-friendliness. Launched last August, its first product is stonebook, a notebook made from stone paper. The tree-free paper, consisting of carbon and hydrogen atoms, burns completely to water and carbon dioxide without releasing toxic gases. It has also been proven to be longer-lasting than traditional wood pulp paper, as it is resistant to water, oil and tearing. 

“The technology itself is not new. It’s been around for more than 20 years, but stone paper hadn’t really been marketed in Malaysia as well as other countries. I could see its potential and the benefits it would bring to our environment. I felt I needed to introduce stone paper in our country. We don’t have to use wood — the usual material for making paper. Now, we have an alternative that can be found in abundance around us,” Goh says.

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