Stone Paper 石头纸

Is there a better option to replace paper made from tree? Yes, the answer is Stone Paper.

Stone paper is a completely non-toxic, biodegradable alternative to paper. True to the name, Stone paper consists mostly of calcium carbonate, a substance found in rocks and is completely tree-free. The paper will degrade safely, without the exhaustion of harmful gasses, and be completely gone in 9 to 12 months if left in nature. It can also be easily burned without the release of harmful gasses. 

High Quality Stone Paper Notebook - Noteism Stone Notebook

Because it is not made from cellulose fibers, stone paper can have a smoother surface than most traditional products, eliminating the need for additional coating or lamination. The calcium carbonate is sourced from mines, and reduced to fine white calcium carbonate powder. The production of stone paper uses no water, acid, bleach or optical brighteners.

Comparisons have been made between Stone Paper products and traditional paper for applications like book printing in Europe. If Stone Paper products were to replace coated and uncoated graphic printing stock in Europe, it could potentially reduce the according CO2 generation by 62%, water consumption by 99.2%, and wood usage by 100%.

So, what are the benefits of stone paper for your notebook?

  • Hardwearing and virtually impossible to tear
  • Water resistant any spills can simply be wiped clean without damage to your notes
  • Greaseproof without the fibre absorbency of wood pulp paper, stone paper simply deflects unwanted greasy marks
  • Sustainable production and degrading process are non-wasteful and non-toxic

As stone paper usage is still at its early stage, a lot of people are still not aware of it. Noteism will continue to innovate new products using stone paper and make stone paper available to more people at an affordable price in years to come.

Let's save more trees together! 

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  • Amani Abdullah Mubarak

    Congratulations for this sustainable innovation.

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