Penciless (HB) Starter Pack
Penciless (HB) Starter Pack

Penciless (HB) Starter Pack

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Penciless Color

This Starter Pack includes the following:

  • 1 unit Penciless (Choose your favorite color)
  • 1 unit Stylus Nib
  • 1 unit Refill Tip

By getting this starter pack, you get to interchange your penciless nib depending on the function you need. And also with the 1 extra Penciless refill tip, you're ever ready for any unforeseen tip breakage or missing circumstances.


1 pencil can replace up to 100 pieces of wooden pencils. Instead of paying for hundreds and thousands of wooden pencils, you need to pay 1 time price for Penciless.


The tip made of black technology metal is sturdy and not easy to break. No more constant sharpening or replacement of pencil leads. The penciless rod made from aerospace grade aluminium alloy makes penciless super long-lasting

Save Trees

1 Penciless tip can replace up to 100 wooden pencils. You only have to change tip each time and that requires no trees to be sacrified

Personalised Gift

You can opt for name engraving to make Penciless special for your loved ones.


The penciless tip features screw interface design, which can be easily replaced. The penciless tip is available for order individually

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Innovative and Stylish

Similar to many others here:
- Looking forward to 2B version as this is a little light.
- Looks and feels Very good.
- Hollow pencil body can be used to store rolled up note paper
- Would be awesome if a shorter version could be made (which perhaps can be worn as a pendant?)
- Quite a lot harder to erase compared to standard pencil.
- This also means, however, that it doesn't smudge as easily, which is good for lefties especially.
- Dropped it from table height capped, and it chipped slightly, but definitely hardier than normal pencils.
Overall still a happy customer. Erasable pen works beautifully.

Anna Seow
an innovative pencil

really good in use, happy to use this innovative pencil, it super cool design.

Maswan Affendy Minhad
Terbaik dan unik

Saya **** konsep pensel ni. Hadiahkan kepada anak saya, dia pun ****. Cuma tak tahula berapa lama tahan bawa ke sekolah tu hahaha...


Good product. Easy to use & carry. hope you release 2B or darker grade


A great product! Been enjoying using noteism penciless (HB) pencil. It definitely saves you the trouble of refilling pencil leads 😆👍✨
Btw like the simple design on the box