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Perfect Exam Pencil Alternative For My Daughter

Bought for my daughter because she was having her exam. She said it's very easy to use and doesn't break often. Good quality! Highly recommended!

New version of Pencil

Nice pencil and amazing design.
Save trees great design , probably can have a option for the colour will be great.

Sim Qin Ee Sim Bei Ee

My daughters like it very MUCH!

No regrets!

Thank you for the complimentary gift.

I’m so impressed with this innovative idea. The texture & smoothness when writing are as good as pencil. Keep it UP NOTEISM 👍🏻

Good writing pen

I am very pleased with this erasable pen! I am no longer worried if I make a mistake when writing in ink! I just have to make sure I don't use this pen when signing on official documents! I hope there will be a new version where it will be more elegant instead of the current plastic body..

Ronnie Oh
Great writing tool!

I bought one with some trepidation, thinking that it may have been an overly priced item to buy. However, now that I am using it, I can see that it is an invaluable writing tool which CAN save trees!

Classy notebook!

This is a really great notebook in a class of its own. And I can wipe down the pages with a damp cloth ( I use it in my work places which can be dirty), I like that! I'm going to get another as a Christmas present!

Excellent writing machine!

Thank you for the complimentary pen. Very much appreciated.

Perhaps you guys could give us the option of purchasing an additional magnetic cap to protect the other end, eg: for the stylus? A darker option say 2B would make the pencil even more awesome and complete. Other than that the pencil is excellent!
Looking forward seeing the magnetic cap as separate purchase.


Unbelievably Smooth

Well I’m not sure if it’s really antibacterial, but it’s super smooth writing on any type of paper.. I am kinda in love with it

Love it!

It is soooo smooth to write! Ideal for self use and as gift.

Antibac Ecopen 0.5mm
Maslinda A Rahman

Comfort and nice pen..

Love the paper

It’s amazing that the paper is so thin yet it’s called stone paper. I love the lines, would definitely get it again!

Antibac Ecopen 0.5mm
Smooth Writing

Very light and smooth writing. Love it!!!!

Antibac EcoPen - A Great Pen

I use it when doing my paper work. It's really a good pen.smooth when writing. Fast deliver also. Thanks.

Very sleek design..would b great if it comes with 2b..

Reached expectations

The papers of the book are very smooth, and feelings of writing are very different as well from the books that can be easily bought from bookshops. I saw many advertisement, on Noteism, just when I wanted to get something useful and meaningful for my intern friend who's leaving soon. So I decided to give Noteism a try. I must say, it does not disappoint me. I am much satisfied of my purchase on this brand.

Mayank Bhardwaj
Great innovative product...

The feel of pencil is amazing. Must appreciate the innovation and creativity of the product. Though a bit light when writing but a great feel when u get used to it.

Thank you Noteism


Elegant minimalistic & classy design, quality material. Would be great if nib could come in darker 2B options

555 Stonebook
K.S. Yong

Very Special and Unique 555 note book. Every time i give them to relatives and friends, they will be surprised by it unique water proof and sweat proof ability.

Penciless Starter Pack
Nursyarafina Ridzwan
One of a kind

Bought as a farewell gift for my dearest colleague. Very nice. Unique. Delivery process was fast. Although there was some issue, but the staff response to solve the issue professionally and friendly. Looking forward for the 2B option.

Mazlan Wan Chik
Excellent for artists

Penciless is very sleek looking, nice to hold has a non-slip grip feature. The magnetic cover is excellent to make sure you don't loose the tiny cover.
Came in slightly lighter than HB color, as an artist i find it superb for sketching, easy to erase error away.
I wish there was a choice of 2B as well that makes writing notes much visible

555 Stonebook
Akmal Aiman

Can't expect much more!!

Very Good, Environmental Friendly and Innovative

I love innovative products which are environmental friendly. Noteism is the one company which is the future,

Antibac Ecopen 0.5mm
Jason King Jnanaprakasam
User friendly pen.

Really comfy to grip and write with and being self-disinfecting makes it much safer during this time. You'll never worry borrowing it cause it's safe to do so. Recommended buy.

Hassle free!

You'll never worry about accidental water spill or ruining your journal. Like advertised it's water resistant. Recommended buy for all. Water is no more a threat and you'll never loose your precious notes. NOTEISM STONE JOURNAL SERIES is reliable and trustworthy. Get it fast.