Cahier Journal Stonebook (Exercise Book)
Cahier Journal Stonebook (Exercise Book)
Cahier Journal Stonebook - Noteism
Cahier Journal Stonebook - Noteism

Cahier Journal Stonebook (Exercise Book)

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NOTEISM™ A5 Sanitizable Stone Cahier Journal (Exercise Book)

NOTEISM™ cahier journals are always created in the highest quality to fulfill your writing needs in different circumstances; our Noteism A5 Sanitizable Stone Cahier Journal is no exception. Made from stone paper, our Stone Cahier Journal is 100% waterproof enabling one to wash or sanitize without damaging the paper. Every notebook is built to last a lifetime with minimalist style, practical functionality, highest quality materials, and world-class craftsmanship

"Near-Indestructible A5-Size 80-Page Cahier Journal Made From Stone Paper That Allows You To Write In The Toughest Environment"

✔100% Waterproof  ✔Tear-resistance  ✔"Ruler Line" Page Design  ✔Mud-proof  ✔Oil-proof  ✔Bleed-proof ✔Sweat-proof


What makes NOTEISM™ A5 Sanitizable Stone Cahier Journal so special?

  • The Stone Cahier Journal inner pages made from Stone will survive sweat, rain, mud, snow, oil, grease, and the wear-and-tear of daily use.
  • No pen? No problem. You can write on a stone cahier journal with any pointed object you might have on hand — even your keys.
  • Completely friction-free, pens glide across our pages because there is no grain direction, and ink never bleeds through.
  • The world-first ever "Ruler Line" design having 1mm distance between dots designed by NOTEISM ensures that your writings would be well-defined.
  • Forgot to bring a ruler? Don't worry! Use our "Ruler Line" instead.
  • Built from stone paper. Zero trees were harmed in its production. 100% recyclable
  • Stone paper is acid-free. It effectively prevents discoloration (yellow spots or blotches) and can last for over 100 years under normal usage


NOTEISM™ Guarantees


  • No more ink bleeds and smears in your life


  • If the Stone Notebook is not 100% waterproof, we will refund the full payment amount


  • If the Stone Notebook inner pages contain yellow spots or blotches within 10 years, we will send you a new free copy of Noteism Stone Cahier Journal



  • A5 size (15cm x 21cm)
  • 80 pages
  • Ruler line design layout
  • Using 120g stone paper (Tear Resistance, Water Proof, Grease Repellent, Recyclable, Repurposable, Photodegradable)
  • Stone paper hardcover
  • Round edges
  • Signature page
  • Book pocket
  • Suitable for writing with all types of pens



  • Size : 15cm x 21cm
  • Weight :150 grams


Recommended Usage:

  • If there is a spill of beverage such as coffee on the cahier journal, rinse with water and dry it using a piece of dry cloth or tissue. Put the cahier journal in an airy space to allow moisture to go away.
  • To achieve the best waterproofing experience, use oil-based ink. Water-based ink will still smear when it gets in touch with water.
  • Avoid placing the cahier journal under direct sunlight for a long period as the cahier journal is photodegradable



Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Are returns or exchanges allowed?

Yes. We have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


  1. What if the item I received is damaged or faulty?

Kindly email us at with image proof of the defect or damage. Please note that emails regarding defective items will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Ronnie Oh
Classy notebook!

This is a really great notebook in a class of its own. And I can wipe down the pages with a damp cloth ( I use it in my work places which can be dirty), I like that! I'm going to get another as a Christmas present!

Diana Phuah
Love the paper

It’s amazing that the paper is so thin yet it’s called stone paper. I love the lines, would definitely get it again!

Reached expectations

The papers of the book are very smooth, and feelings of writing are very different as well from the books that can be easily bought from bookshops. I saw many advertisement, on Noteism, just when I wanted to get something useful and meaningful for my intern friend who's leaving soon. So I decided to give Noteism a try. I must say, it does not disappoint me. I am much satisfied of my purchase on this brand.

K.S. Yong

Very Special and Unique 555 note book. Every time i give them to relatives and friends, they will be surprised by it unique water proof and sweat proof ability.

Akmal Aiman

Can't expect much more!!